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What is Digitization of Cable TV services?

Digitization is the process of providing cable television signals in digital mode with the use of Set Top Box. This requires television signals to be sent through a digital Set Top Box (STB) to the television set, which enhances the overall TV viewing experience of consumer.

What is DAS?

In simple words, the system used to control the distribution of digital television signals through cable is called Digital Addressable System (DAS). This ensures that only the Channels chosen and paid for by a subscriber are being received and viewed through digital Set-Top-Box (STB).

What is the digitization bill passed by the government?

The Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Pemra Act, 2011 has made it mandatory for switch over of the existing analogue Cable TV networks to Digital Addressable System (DAS) by December 2014, in a phased manner.

What is Digital-Box?

"Digital-Box" is a device, which is connected to a television set at the subscribers' premises and which allows a subscriber to view encrypted channels of his choice on payment. The basic function of the Set Top Box is to decrypt/decode the signals of those channels which the subscriber has been authorized by the multi system operator to receive and to convert the digital signals for viewing on television sets.

What is a smart card or viewing card?

A smart card or a viewing card essentially functions like an ATM Card and inserted in the Set Top Box. It allows the TV signals of only those channels to be seen which the subscriber has contracted to pay for a particular period.

What are the strengths of Digital Cable TV?

Strengths of Digital Cable are as follows:

  • Capacity to carry more number of channels
  • Efficient Channel carrying capacity of voice and data
  • Better picture quality & sound
  • Minimal additional cost for customer to get digital experience
  • Quality signal transmission in all weather conditions
  • Ease of installation and usage
  • Possibility of interactivity
  • Service technician in neighborhood

What are the benefits of Digitization?

The consumer will be benefitted most by installing STB with their television set; it will enhance the overall TV viewing experience. Most importantly it will improve the quality of picture & sound, more nos. of channels for viewing, uninterrupted TV signals even during bad weather, Electronic Programming Guide, favorite channels list, block unwanted channels, Value Added Service ( VAS) and many more features at the click of remote.

Who will provide the STB?

The STB will only be provided by Multi System Operators (MSO) and their linked Cable Operators providing cable services in their respective areas of operation.

How do I get a Connection?

A subscriber needs to contact Cable Operator and fill the application in format prescribed by Multi system Operator (MSO). Subscriber can get Connection on a Rental, Hire purchase, operating lease, outright purchase scheme or any other prevalent scheme offered by the service provider.

Does installation of STB need extra cabling?

No. The STB would work on your existing cable connection and turn your TV to a new entertainment experience. STB also acts as a channel expander and you can view more than 400+ channels even in your old model TV set.

I have multiple TVs at home. Do I need different Connection for different TV sets? Will I have to pay for each Connection?

Yes, you need to have separate Connections for every TV set. If the Subscriber has three TV sets then three separate Connections will be required and all will be priced individually.

The deadline is still far away. Why should I get a set top box immediately?

The use of Set-Top-Box is compulsory now. It will be in benefit of the customer to install the STB today as the supply of STB is smooth and it is available at subsidized prices. It is likely that there will be a last minute rush for STB which will result in hassle and complication of STB box availability, delay in Installation, and price hike of upfront charges for STB etc. So install today and start enjoying the digital TV experience.
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