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APEX World CATV Network

Apex World CATV Network is your link to a world of entertainment and information. You can watch wondrous mega infotainment, as it zips onto your TV screen and into your life. Spectacular movies, news, sports,informative, religious, educational children dedicated programming channels play host to the widest selection of programs. Apex World comprises some of the fastest growing cable network in capital city of Azad Kashmir. The group is providing services to subscribers in 90% area of the total city through their experienced and dedicated employees. Apex World has established a nation wide presence in Azad Kashmir. Apex World gives you enough choice to make your remote go wild. Our list of channels keeps growing with your appetite. The hall mark of Apex World lies in the service that it provides to its customers. We dont provide you with ordinary customer service. Our cable TV service is backed round the clock support. Our professional and dedicated customer care staff is always eager to help you in solving problems.

Redefining the meaning of television for its customers with its exceptional digital quality, Apex TV has revolutionised the digital entertainment in Capital City. With its digital transmission, Apex TV has given its customers a giant leap from the analogue quality cable transmission towards qualitative, refined and defined television entertainment and enjoyment.

Technology and Infrastructure

Apex TV, the only Direct to Home Entertainment Company that serves its customers with a passion, always endeavours to offer its customers with exceptional picture quality, stereophonic sound along with unmatched services. Believing in the quote “Best choices come with best rewards”, the brand offers the finest to its customers with its best-in-class technology and infrastructure.

Digital Picture Quality and Stereophonic Sound

Delivering maximum entertainment right in their homes, DishTV offers its customers with unmatched picture quality and superb sound experience.

Geographic Mobility

The full-fledged all AJK coverage of Apex TV ensures that entertainment is reached in every nook and corner of the country along with uninterrupted services and nonstop access to all channels.

Wide Range of Products

Suit yourself with the set of options Apex TV has for you. Providing three kinds of Set Top Boxes- Apex HD+ with Recorder, Digital Box with Recorder, Apex TV caters to the various needs of its customers. While Apex HD+ provides Hi-Definition signals for life like picture quality along with the power to pause, record and rewind live TV, Digital-Box lets you record the programmes of your choice. Digital-Box is the apt option for those who desire awesome television experience at a very affordable cost!

Movies on Demand

Providing a freedom to choose to its customers, Apex TV offers them its revolutionary ‘Movies on Demand’ service that enables them to order for their favourite movie anytime. Today, Apex TV is the only digital platform that offers blockbuster Bollywood and Hollywood movies.


Believing strongly in customer satisfaction, Apex TV addresses to its customers complaints and grievances at any point of time with its 24*7 call centre services across the country.

Company of Firsts

With the love and support of Apex TV subscribers, Apex TV is the first company in Capital City of AJK to have come out of the red and be profitable in the fourth quarter of 2000 and continue.

Largest in Capital City

With the love of over thousand customers, we are capital City largest Cable brand. What’s more, we have also been voted as Muzaffarabad most trusted Cable Network, four times in a row by Brand Trust of AJK.

Our Vision

As a business evolves and the organization grows in complexity, new layers get added, new functions get created, manpower increases and geographic locations expand. At the same time, the external environment - be it the competitive landscape or the regulatory environment - becomes more dynamic and throws up both opportunities and challenges. To manage these ever evolving internal and external ecosystems and retain our competitive edge, we have a direction that acts as a guiding beacon, shining through the fog, showing us the path. This Vision defines our “Core Purpose” and “Reason for Existence” in a manner that is everlasting and transcends the short term. It goes beyond the transactional. All our strategies then dovetail into realizing this Vision. To achieve this Vision, it also becomes important to have a set of Values that become a part of our DNA. These Values define what we are. They constitute the foundation and bedrock of our behaviour. These Values create shared purpose, collaboration and workplace pride.


We are a network of interdependencies, helping each other develop and achieve success.